Free for hotel guests ONLY / Towels provided

  • LocationBasement 3st
  • Operating hours06:00 AM ~ 24:00 PM
  • Sporting EquipmentsTreadmill / Indoor Bicycle / Leg Extension / High Pulley Machine / Bench Press / Sit–up / Dumbbell / Yoga matt / Sky Life / Scale


Open for simple business work with free Wi-Fi / Freely usable
Fax and Print available (charge applicable)

  • LocationNext to the Front Desk (1st floor)
  • Operating hours24HRS


Appropriate space for various kinds of meetings with a beam projector, high-speed Wi-Fi etc.
(Prints may be charged at the Front Desk.)

  • Acceptable forMaximum 20pax
  • Inquiries02-580-7525

The Lounge ONLY for Arabs

Exclusive private lounge for Arab guests is ready in Room #305 (3rd level).
Enjoy game or tea time with in-house Arab guests and get brochures about tour in Seoul.

  • LocationRoom #305 (3rd floor)
  • Operating hours24HRS

sky garden

The Sky Garden, located on the top of the hotel (PH level), is open for anyone at any time.

  • Operating hours24HRS